Creating an Integrated Healthcare Model for Telstra


Designing an integrated healthcare model

A connected, coordinated and integrated healthcare model is vital for the delivery of efficient and safe care as a patient transitions between home, community-based and hospital care.

However, limited budgets, a lack of access to appropriate technology and isolated models of care within a health service can pose a challenge to the delivery of optimal integrated care.

“Innovative communication solutions are required to build an integrated care model that meets the needs of clinicians, patients, their families and carers.”

Julian Kezelman, Project Lead


Using design thinking to optimise an integrated care model

By using Design Thinking at Calvary Health Care, The Strategy Group aimed to uncover the issues and barriers to the delivery of integrated care by observing and empathising with clinicians to understand them thoroughly, without the distraction of developing solutions from the outset. After engaging stakeholders across several key integrated care settings at Calvary Health Care, The Strategy Group implemented the five-step Design Thinking process.

“The Strategy Group’s expertise and knowledge in Design Thinking was instrumental in the success of this project with Calvary Health Care. They have a strong focus on creating winning outcomes for both Telstra and Calvary creating a real ROI for us on the project. I would highly recommend The Strategy Group for any Design Thinking or innovation project”

Tanya Felton, National General Manager, Health Industry Development, Telstra



More integrated, efficient and safe healthcare for patients

Design Thinking ensured the identification of meaningful and impactful solutions to help Calvary Health Care and its clinicians to deliver more integrated, efficient and safe healthcare for patients, their families and carers.

Five key communication and information technology solutions were formulated:

  • In-building mobile coverage
  • Portable patient records
  • Multi-platform integrated messaging for clinicians, patients and carers
  • Multidisciplinary rostering solution
  • Closed community social media to facilitate patient, carer and clinician communication

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