About Us

The Strategy Group specialises in Design Strategy, Idea Strategy and Venture Strategy.

We help organisations increase their innovation capability, culture and performance and find new ways to explore opportunities, tackle challenges and create value for their customers.

We partner with you to re-imagine your organisation as entrepreneurial, customer-centric and agile, transforming the way you think, work and play.

In this era of disruption you can no longer rely on traditional experience and strategies. We are only satisfied when we achieve business impact and knowledge transfer for our clients.

We have a unique position at the intersection of the academic, corporate and startup worlds of innovation.

Our Managing Director Dr Jeffrey Tobias brings expertise and connections from his experience teaching the MBA course at the Australian Graduate School of Management. So, we’re always abreast of the latest research and methods in innovation, leadership and management.


Solution design with an obsessive customer focus.

Our proprietary Design Thinking methodology approaches solution design with a new outlook: the outlook of your customer. This process combines ethnographic research, brainstorming, prototype development and testing with real customers. The process is repeated until customers’ problems are solved, their needs met and solutions are designed that deliver tangible impact to your organisation.


Shattering assumptions and exploring what’s possible.

Good ideas can come from anywhere. We encourage organisations to expand their idea potential by creating opportunities to engage with external stakeholders. We build internal idea-to-execution models to facilitate a diverse flow of creative ideas.


Transform your business models with a lean mindset

Through Venture Strategy, we define a business model to be tested, then systematically validate this model against nine key criteria with customers and in the market by rapidly prototyping ideas, experimenting with customers, receiving feedback and iterating until your organisation is ready to deliver business model transformations.


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