Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy

Traditional strategic thinking needs a drastic refresh. For decades, executives used conventional strategies against known competitors in familiar markets. Innovation allows you to rethink all of this – new competitors, new strategies, new markets.

Introducing your left-brain to your right-brain

Most big businesses rely heavily on left-brain thinking, leaving the right-brain sitting idle. Innovation Strategy brings the two together – using left-brain frameworks to introduce right-brain creativity. Make the most of both hemispheres to get powerful new thinking.

Strategy got you here, innovation will get you there

Strategy and innovation work together. Strategy is about performing today’s business better and innovation is about discovering tomorrow’s business model. You are busy squeezing existing customers, capabilities and cost base. But there’s a new world waiting to be created.

Create an inspiring vision to help innovation flourish

Like every business function, innovation needs some direction to make it a success. Good Innovation Strategy thinks carefully about where to play, how to play and why you are playing so you are innovating in the right areas, the right way and for the right reasons.

At The Strategy Group, we have developed three innovative strategies based on the latest innovation methodologies that will transform organisations and accelerate innovation capability and performance.


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