What we do

Innovative strategies for growth

The Strategy Group helps organisations develop innovative strategies that significantly strengthen performance and provide an environment that stimulates growth.

We help you achieve this by expanding the capability inherent in your approach to Innovation, Strategy and People.


Innovation is essential to business growth.

We offer a range of programs, workshops and tools to help you build an environment that stimulates bright ideas, distills the best and funnels them into your development pipeline. We help introduce cutting edge methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lean Startup.


Strategy sets the direction for your organisation to achieve its objectives.

A compelling strategy will ignite engagement, create momentum and drive results.

The Strategy Group will help your organisation uncover innovative strategies enabling it to meet and exceed its big picture targets.


People are the means by which your strategy is brought to life.

People equipped with the right skills, expertise, and attitude combined with an enabling culture is critical for sustained success.

The Strategy Group offers coaching, workshops and programs to grow the talent and capability of your people.

The Strategy Group offers consultancy services, transformational programs, workshops, coaching, training and technology tools in each of these three areas using well accepted and validated approaches as well as the latest contemporary thinking.

When delivered in partnership, The Strategy Group’s three core areas can
deliver sustained growth and organizational success

When an organisation has a clear and compelling strategy delivered by capable and committed people and continuing innovation, it can deliver sustained growth and improvement.

The Strategy Group - Strategy, People, Innovation

Leading Australian and global organisations regularly draw on our insights and knowledge, helping them to become more efficient, productive and profitable.

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