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The Strategy Group works with organisations large and small, helping them grow and flourish and meet challenges proactively by optimising their ai strategy, innovation culture, customer experience, employee experience and business model. Our approach is human-centred design-led and our expertise includes design thinking, creative problem-solving, agile, the creative detour and the Lean Startup. 

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We help organisations increase their capability, culture and performance and find new ways to explore opportunities, tackle challenges and create value for customers

What we do The Strategy Group, What We do

Putting the customer at the centre of your organisation

Most organisations approach problems and solutions from an ‘inside-out’ perspective, without considering the customers’ world or the ‘outside-in’ perspective. At our core, we enable organisations to put their customers at the centre of everything they do to design solutions that delight customers and help stimulate growth for the business.

What we do The Strategy Group, What We do

Strategy got you here, innovation will get you there

Strategy and innovation work together. Strategy is about performing today’s business better and innovation is about discovering tomorrow’s business model. You are busy squeezing existing customers, capabilities and cost base. But there’s a new world waiting to be created.

What we do The Strategy Group, What We do

Change has never been this fast, it will never be this slow again

The reality is that change will never be as slow as it was 20, 15, and even 5 years ago. To stay competitive, organisations must build their resilience, adaptability and ability to innovate so that they can drive performance in all market conditions. We firmly believe that through strategy, innovation and human-centred design any organisation can fuel growth and become the leading-edge of their industry.

What we do

Our strategic focus


What we do The Strategy Group, What We do



We offer end to end Innovation Strategy, from front-end innovation to back-end commercialisation. Innovation Strategy helps you develop ideas with your customers firmly at the centre. Design products, services and experiences and solutions to business problems – always with an obsessive customer focus.

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Customer Experience


A customer experience strategy is critical to the ongoing survival and growth of any business – and the lack of one can leave your organisation at a competitive disadvantage. Ensure your focus is on the customer experience by developing and rolling out a customer-centric strategy that secures sustainable growth and success.

What we do The Strategy Group, What We do

Employee Experience


Your human capital has the potential to be a key clear area of differentiation for your organisation . The Strategy Group can create an impactful employee experience strategy which helps you unlock the talent that already exists within and makes the brightest and best in your industry want to come and work for you.

What we do The Strategy Group, What We do



An AI strategy is about understanding and leveraging the transformative power of AI. It is a way of moving an organisation into the digital age, enabling customer touchpoints to be frequent, fluid and frictionless. Most of all, it is an opportunitity for an organisation to prepare itself to take advantage of the ongoing rapid transformation occurring throughout the economy.

“The combined commitment to innovation and customer centricity demonstrated by Adobe and The Strategy Group is a powerful combination! A privilege to work with such an energized, agile and capable team with a strong vision for the future”


Head of Innovation & Strategy – APAC, Adobe

“We invited The Strategy Group into our business to help us deliver some new and exciting concepts to our customers. I am so pleased with the ideas that have come out of the process, particularly Single Herd Milk which has been really popular amongst our customers at our Bondi Westfield store”

Tristan Harris

Co-CEO, Harris Farm Markets

“Throughout my time working with The Strategy Group I’ve been impressed by their commitment to developing our capabilities as Design Thinking practitioners. They aren’t afraid to challenge internal assumptions and always pushed us to “get out of the building” and apply what we learn”

Joel Wilson

Senior Policy Officer, Department of Primary Industries

“TOGA aspires to be at the forefront of innovation in construction. The property development & construction sector has traditionally been slow to embrace change. "

Fabrizo Perilli

CEO of Toga Development and Construction

“Firstly, “Congratulations” on a very successful research that was conducted by the team on an extremely important and complex topic... I would like to say that you all should be proud that you are such a “Talented Team” and that the experience truly reflect in your work. It was really a pleasure working with the team and look forward to partnering again.”

Senior R&D, Stryker

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We will work with you to design and support implementation of a strategy for your business unit, for your entire organisation, or for any segment of your organisation where a fresh approach will add value.

We will use a combination of globally-recognised leading-edge processes, coupled with our proprietary validated toolbox to develop a bespoke, customised strategy, which we can assist you in implementing, that will deliver tangible impact and value to your organisation and your customers.

We have been designing and implementing strategy solutions since 2003 and we have the expertise and the experience not only to deliver, but to overdeliver, the value you are looking to create through your strategy.

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