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Measuring Innovation

Innovation is the domain of every organisation. Organisations everywhere are investing in innovation but how many do you know that are actually measuring it? While the overwhelming majority of organisations we have surveyed agree it is important to measure the impact of innovation efforts, very few have the tools or a plan to do so. Measuring innovation starts with understanding what organisational qualities allow innovation to thrive, and then assessing the extent to which your organisation has embraced them.

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The Innovation Index

The Strategy Group partnered with GiveEasy (a not-for-profit digital fundraising platform) to develop the methodology for the Innovation Index for the NFP (Not-For-Profit) sector. The GiveEasy NFP Innovation Index offers a solution to the innovation measurement gap for the NFP sector, highlighting and celebrating the most innovative organisations in the sector. The measurement methods used in the report are designed to assess innovation capabilities across any organisation. It is particularly useful as a measure of innovation across entire sectors by aggregating the scores of a representative sample of organisations.

The Innovation Index is unique. It is an Australian and global first in innovation metrics and is a leading rather than a lagging indicator of innovation. This means, innovation capabilities aren’t assessed based on what was done in the past, but on current and forward-looking innovation capabilities. This increases the relevance of the results for participants and executives. The Innovation Index also provides organisations with a clear framework to understand the capability areas that require greater focus in order to improve their innovation capability into the future.

What does it measure

The Index is underpinned by eight key vectors, that are critical to an environment conducive of innovation. The vectors are Internal and External Collaboration; Stakeholder Centricity; Innovation Focus; Organisational Velocity; Rewards and Recognition for Innovation; Openness of Culture and Vision; and Technology. The eight vectors are underpinned by statements that respondents are asked to agree or disagree with on a sliding scale. Additional industry or organisational-relevant questions are also incorporated to contextualise the overall results. The individual responses are then aggregated to produce an organisation-level score against each vector, and then a set of  industry-level means against the eight core capabilities.

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