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Dark side of innovation

With the pursuit of any new invention comes the markings of failures and even unintended consequences such as data leaks and excessive waste – the ‘dark side of innovation’ that is often not considered when designing the solution and kept as a taboo.

Leadership in Digital Transformation

Managing Director of The Strategy Group, Jeffrey Tobias sits down with James Macaulay and Joel Barbier to discuss the topic of leadership in orchestrating transformation. James & Joel discuss the role of a Chief Transformation Officer in orchestrating digital transformation.

Customer-centricity in Development & Construction

TOGA, a leading construction and development company engaged The Strategy Group to help them identify the values, needs and past experiences of their customers so that they can redesign the end-to-end property buying experience to differentiate and win in the marketplace.

Enterprise Lean Startup in Development & Construction

TOGA, a leading construction and development company took eight staff out of their day jobs to form three internal startups full time for eight weeks in a lean startup innovation project. They identified exciting new business avenues for development and construction.

What is Design Thinking?

This 90 second animated explainer video describes the design thinking methodology, how it’s used to innovate and what it’s benefits and applications are.

Design Thinking in Retail

This 90 second animated explainer video describes how an Australian supermarket chain used the design thinking methodology to empathise with customers and create unexpected experiences in-store to keep them coming back.

Using Design Thinking in Strategy

Jeffrey Tobias, Managing Director of The Strategy Group, explains design strategy- the proprietary strategic methodology adapted from design thinking to fit the corporate and government world.

Creating a Customer-Centric Strategy

What is a customer strategy? Jeffrey Tobias explains how an ‘outside in’ strategy should come from the customer’s perspective, not from the internal goals of the organisation.

Validating business models

How can organisations validate or invalidate business models in the cheapest fastest possible way? Jeffrey Tobias describes how Venture Strategy takes lean startup principles and adapts them for large organisations, giving examples of experiments to validate or invalidate assumptions and measure the likelihood of success.

Startup thinking: Tools to transform big business

Start-up thinking: new tools to transform old-style companies. Jeffrey Tobias, Managing Director of The Strategy Group speaks to Julian Lorkin for BusinessThink.

Scentre Group Innovation Case Study

Scentre Group is one of the world’s leading shopping centre companies with retail destinations operating under the Westfield brand. The Strategy Group designed a Venture Strategy program called Incubation Scentre, taking three top best ideas from conception through to market validation in just 6 weeks.

The Importance of Innovation in Healthcare

What does innovation in the healthcare sector look like and how can deliver better outcomes and better quality care for patients, their families and carers?

Design Disruptors: How the world’s most disruptive companies design the future

Design Disruptors is a new documentary about the world’s most successful startups that have shaken traditional industries to their foundations. How did they do it? By designing customer-centric solutions. Jeffrey Tobias, Managing Director of The Strategy Group speaks to Julian Lorkin for BusinessThink.

Design Thinking at Cavalry Healthcare

Designing an integrated healthcare model at Calvary Health Care. A connected, coordinated and integrated healthcare model is vital for the delivery of efficient and safe care as a patient transitions between home, community-based and hospital care.

Digital Transformation Strategy

I recently had the good fortune to chair a panel for the Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of New South Wales on Leading the Digital Enterprise. We had 300 people with a waiting list of 50! Totally sold out.

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