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Strategy Offsite


How Does this help you?

Strategy is about making choices to win! BOOM!

At our tailored Strategy offsite you will:

  • Build a 5-year and 1-year strategy for your organisation
  • Use leading-edge tools 
  • Have expert facilitation
  • Bring your strategy to life
  • Unlock new and untapped value
  • Take / Have a Fresh Perspective to solve complex challenges.
  • Align and galvanise the leadership

Strategy is about making choices. We help you make the hard set of choices to shake up 2020 to win. To win, an organisation must choose to do some things and not others.

Our process provides a fresh perspective with a creative lens to look for limitless possibilities. We believe crafting a winning strategy requires creativity to generate new possibilities and rigour to unearth issues, reveal problems and highlight the choices that the organisation needs to make to be successful.

At the end of our strategy ‘shake-up’, you’ll have a winning aspiration that will allow you to overturn the status quo in the market to:

  • Shakeup the market that you’re playing in
  • Have a unique offering, a winning strategy
  • Align everyone around the shared vision
  • Communicate a shared understanding of the strategy to everyone in your organisation

Strategy Offsite facilitation

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Your Facilitation Team

Jeffrey Tobias is an expert strategy facilitator at the C-suite and Board level, as well as an experienced consulting partner. In addition, he is a Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Australian Graduate School of Business and a Thought leader in Innovation and Design Thinking. He is the former Leader of Innovation for Cisco System’s Strategic Thought Leadership team

Sam Woodcock brings an entrepreneurial and human-centred approach in helping organisations drive innovation.  Sam’s experience spans executive leadership development, leading innovation, senior team effectiveness and change management.

Yvonne Brennan is an insight led innovation specialist with a particular focus on business and innovation strategy in front end innovation and back end commercialisation. Yvonne’s career expands FMCG, food, retail, finance, healthcare and government, providing different perspectives to industry problems.

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