Webinar: Business Transformation: How to Transform Your Business Model to Stay Ahead of The Curve

This webinar ran on Thursday 19 April – access the recording and slides below

The current business model of almost every organisation won’t survive the next 10-20 years, this means that almost all businesses will have to undergo Business Transformation – or die.
How can you future-proof your organisation, and how do you transition?
Most of us know why business model innovation is essential. Not many know how to do it. In this webinar you will be guided through the steps involved in Business Transformation and Business Model Innovation by Dr. Jeffrey Tobias, Managing Director, The Strategy Group.

What you’ll learn

1. What is a business model?
2. Tools to represent business models
3. Why most existing business models won’t work in the future
4. Examples of new types of business models
5. How do you rapidly validate your business model
6. Steps to effective implementation in your organisation
7. Bringing people along for the journey
8. Effective leadership in a time of change

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