design strategy, Design Strategy



Solution design with an obsessive customer focus using Design Thinking principles tailored to large organisations.

design strategy, Design Strategy

How Does this help you?

Design Strategy solutions that deliver impact

Our proprietary solution design methodology ‘design strategy’ starts with uncovering the problem from the perspective of your end-user, rather than developing a solution from the perspective of your organisation. Adapted from Design Thinking, our methodology uses primary research and problem framing techniques to understand the needs of your end-user. Only through empathising and engaging with them can we hope to design experiences, products and services to meet their needs. Using innovative brainstorming techniques, prototype development and testing, we work with you to craft and prove offerings that we can be confident will scale and deliver impact.

design strategy, Design Strategy
This image shows two love heart balloons, depicting the empathy required in design strategy and design thinking

Build Empathy

Experience the world afresh, in your end-users’ shoes
We help you use empathetic interviewing techniques to understand your end user, their world and what’s truly meaningful to them. Immerse yourself in their world to uncover unexpected insights and view your customers from remarkable new perspectives.

This image shows a window frame, depicting how the opportunities need to be framed in design strategy

Frame the Opportunity

Reframe the “problem to be solved” into an opportunity to delight
We work with you to distil insights from interviews to re-frame the problem from the lens of your end-users. Find out what is important to your end-users today to find opportunities to delight them in the future.

This image shows a small bird, depicting how ideas in design strategy need to be prototyped small first before being expanded

Design Solutions

Intelligently craft products, services and experiences
Designers have a refined process to create solutions. With little money, time and effort, they prototype ideas with customers to check they have hit the mark. Close the loop with testing to ensure you have elegantly solved their problems and meaningfully met their needs.

Why The Strategy Group

should be your strategy partner

We will work with you to design and support implementation of a strategy for your business unit, for your entire organisation, or for any segment of your organisation where a fresh approach will add value.

We will use a combination of globally-recognised leading-edge processes, coupled with our proprietary validated toolbox to develop a bespoke, customised strategy, which we can assist you in implementing, that will deliver tangible impact and value to your organisation, employees and customers.

We have been designing and implementing strategy solutions since 2003 and we have the expertise and the experience not only to deliver, but to overdeliver.

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