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Aroona Alliance – Developing an aligned innovation approach

Creating an aligned approach for sustained innovation

Aroona Alliance collectively provide waste water and water management services for Perth. The Alliance needed an aligned vision and strategy for innovation and to balance their investments between incremental and breakthrough innovation. The Strategy Group was brought in to develop a comprehensive Innovation Strategy and Roadmap.

“Working with the Aroona Alliance challenged us to co-create an innovation strategy that aligned three unique organisations (private and public) around a common set of principles and opportunities. We ultimately successfully delivered a strategy and roadmap for internal organisational and cultural shifts towards innovation as well as external commercial and partnership opportunities that reflected the team’s own vision for the future of the Alliance”

– Jemma Parsons, Director, The Strategy Group


Uncovering diverse insights

The Strategy Group team started by listening to the thoughts and experiences of key Aroona Alliance staff from across different parts of the organization. These hour long exploratory interviews uncovered rich insights about the diverse perspectives on the innovation opportunities and challenges across Aroona Alliance.

The interview insights framed the design of a two-day collaborative workshop engagement that brought Aroona Alliance leadership together to co-create the Innovation Strategy and Roadmap. The collaborative workshops generated the space for Aroona Alliance to work creatively in a facilitated environment designed to draw out the most strategic, creative and high impact innovation ideas.



An integrated innovation approach

The outputs from the facilitated innovation strategy workshops formed the backbone of a comprehensive Innovation Strategy for Aroona Alliance. The Innovation Strategy and Roadmap is designed to integrate with the core business strategy of Aroona Alliance.

The innovation strategy covers the full spectrum of innovation activity from the idea to execution pipeline to governance, leadership and learning, and managing a balanced portfolio of innovation investments. It also encompasses a roadmap and timeline to guide innovation investments and initiatives.

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