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Australia's First Innovation Index of the Not-For-Profit Sector

A new study aimed at pinpointing the innovation capability of the Australian not-for- profit sector reveals that nimble, market-responsive charity organisations are best placed to capture community interest and support. These nimble, market-responsive charity organisations are the top innovative nonprofits.

The 2015 Innovation Index – The Australian Not-For-Profit Sector, commissioned by Australia Post and digital giving provider, GiveEasy, was generated from a survey of more than 700 professionals working in the sector.

The survey, based on the Innovation Readiness Assessment tool developed by The Strategy Group, revealed an overall Innovation Index of 66 per cent for the sector . This shows that there is substantial scope for improvement when it comes to innovation, while unpacking a number of factors that drive, and hinder, innovative practice.

Movember, Oxfam and Charity Water were identified as the top innovative nonprofits, being the top 3 ‘most innovative’ not-for-profit organisations in Australia according to the peer-based ranking in the survey.

The survey found that among the attributes considered ‘innovative’ by people working in the sector, the capacity to respond quickly, embrace new technologies and connect with audiences is highly valued. However only 50 per cent of not-for-profit organisations were believed to be capable of continually achieving these outcomes according to survey respondents. The study also showed which organisations were more likely to be innovative and what the top innovative nonprofits generally do.

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