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Refreshing the CX Strategy for Wyndham City Council


Wyndham is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Victoria, with many residents from diverse backgrounds. Over the next twenty years, an extra 217,000 people are expected to call Wyndham home, taking the population in 2040 to over 500,000 people. The rapid pace of digitisation has also transformed customer behaviour and expectations, so it is important to understand the different needs and preferences of Council’s customers.

Wyndham City Council engaged The Strategy Group to refresh its Customer Experience Strategy and develop an actionable CX roadmap that will enable them to deliver an excellent customer experience across channels.

“Thank you again for the tremendous support along the tender. It has truly been something new and refreshing for us as well, thanks to your guidance, which has undoubtedly played a big part in helping us to convey where our real value is.”

– Scott Connor, Construction Director, CPB Contractors

Refreshing the Customer experience strategy and changing the Council’s mindset though a customer centric approach

The Strategy Group refreshed Wyndham City council’s Customer Experience Strategy and identified subsequent improvement opportunities through extensive research and co-design workshops. The research methods included leadership workshops, executive interviews, thorough document reviews, customer interviews and councilor interviews. After developing the CX Strategy, we socialized to the council through workshops, training sessions and journey mapping design. Valuable actions were also identified in order to build an initiatives roadmap that would allow the Council to deliver on each of its new CX Strategic pillars.

The CX Strategy and actions roadmap were formed for and with Wyndham City Council’s customers by putting them at the centre of our design process.


A clearly defined path to deliver exceptional customer experience across every council area

The developed CX Strategy defines the five focus areas that will guide the Council’s overall Customer Experience shift. These pillars will create alignment on how Council employees should interact with Customers in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Following the definition of the strategic focus areas, together with Council Teams, the Strategy group identified possible areas of improvement. Experiments were selected in order to enable each council area to deliver on the five strategic pillars.

Wyndham City Council now has a robust CX framework and a clearly-defined path ahead with the opportunities to be able to deliver exceptional customer experience across every council area.

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