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Design Thinking and Lean Startup – A Must-Watch Video with Eric Ries and Tim Brown

Many of you will know that for a long time we have been fans of the Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies. These overlap in many areas. Design Thinking is all about empathy, framing, insights, ideation and prototyping. Failing fast and failing often. The Lean Startup movement is about doing, learning, getting out of the building, failing fast and failing often. Both focus on doing rather than talking, experimentation rather than perfection, and a very large focus on empathy and the customer. Get the similarities? But what has been interesting to us is that the disciplines have for a long time been operating in a vacuum. At the Lean Startup conference in San Francisco last year, I found almost no mention of Design Thinking whatsoever, and in Design Thinking circles, virtually no mention of The Lean Startup. So it is refreshing to find a discussion between Eric Ries, the founder of The Lean Startup movement and Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, together with Google Ventures, talking about the parallels and the differences between these movement. A ‘must watch’ video!
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