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Dropbox Versus The World – Who Will Win?

Excellent insight into the power company Dropbox and its CEO Drew Houston. Who would have thought that a company that offers free data storage, competing with the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon (which Dropbox actually uses) would be valued at $10 billion, with estimated revenue of only $450 million. No one yet dominates the new global network, but Dropbox just may be the most adroit cloud company in the world, the one that has solved more problems for its users than any other. That’s why Dropbox is not just surviving its onslaught of competition, but is thriving. The company says it has more than 300 million users and 4 million companies using the service. According to IDC, Dropbox owns 27% of the consumer market for file-syncing and sharing documents, more than Microsoft and Apple. It is also the most popular file-syncing and sharing service used by businesses. More than 100,000 organizations, including Hyatt, Under Armour, and Spotify, pay $15 per employee per month for Dropbox for Business, while a tiny fraction of its consumers pay $99 per year for the Pro service. Read the entire article here. Fabulous to get under the cover of the company and its CEO. 

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