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Customer Journey Mapping Canvas

Customer Journey Mapping is about building empathy and is a continuously activity to get rich and qualitative information about why your customers do what they do, how they experience interacting with organisations through the different touchpoints and how you can help them better reach their goals.

This is a great tool developed by Design Thinkers Academy and initiated by DesignThinkers Group, one of the leading ‘design driven’ innovation agencies helping organisations around the world making the transition from being strictly product orientated and sales driven, towards being service orientated and human centered.

Check out this article by Arne van Oosterom ’10 Steps to Customer Journey Mapping’.
The Tool
When used with or by customers, Customer Journey Mapping is a tool to see the world and your company through the eyes of your customers. When the tool is used with an internal team it is a way to make explicit what you know and what you don’t know.

Customer Journey Mapping can be used in many ways at many stages. So knowing what you are trying to do is important. Are you exploring an existing journey? Are you designing a new journey or a detailed scenario or use case? Are you building an organisation to support a journey, a service blue-print? What is the question?

The tool can be easily changed and different horizontal layers can be added. E.g. you can measure how HR and Sales instruments like incentives and KPI’s are supporting or disrupting the customer experience in the different stages of the journey.

They have also developed a version of the Customer Journey Map focused on the research phase. This canvas helps you to view the journey from the customer’s perspective and explore the current customer journey in order to start a deeper exploration of the Persona profile and service qualities, for instance ‘Moments of Truth’ or ‘Pain Points’.


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