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How Innovative Is the Not-For-Profit sector?

As technology continues to disrupt every sector, the need to change the traditional model of “giving” is greater than ever. The reality is that GenX and GenY do not, and will not, relate to the countless mail outs consisting of wads of papers, talking about how wonderful a particular charity is, and how they want your money. It just will not happen. So how will we bring philanthropy into the lives of the mobile and connected generation, rather than trying really hard to bring them into an outdated model? Innovation.

Many of you will know that I started and continue to fund GiveEasy, the social enterprise that is merging the worlds of philanthropy and technology, especially mobility. GiveEasy has now built a suite of technology solutions that brings giving into your pocket – the iTunes of Giving. We have been lucky enough to secure the support and partnership of Australia Post. Now Australia Post and GiveEasy are undertaking a survey to measure, for the first time, the innovation capability of not-for-profits in Australia and, if you are a not-for-profit in Australia,  we’d love for your opinion to be included.

If you complete the survey, you will receive a copy of the Not-For-Profit Innovation Report before its official release plus a copy of your organisation’s Innovation Index Scorecard. This customised scorecard will give you an overview of the innovation performance of your organisation and benchmark it against the wider sector. It will also include our tips on how to improve the innovation capability of your organisation.

Both of these surveys are FREE as a way of saying thanks for participating.

Start the Survey

This survey will take less than 9 minutes to complete. Your privacy is important to us so all responses are strictly anonymous and no information about you or your organisation will be shared. To have your views included and for your free reports, please complete the survey before October 22nd.

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