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Facilitating a series of Innovation and design thinking bootcamps for graduates – a rail projects victoria case study


The Strategy Group worked with Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) to deliver a series of comprehensive Innovation and Design Thinking training sessions to upskill their graduates with capabilities and skillsets that can be applied in their current roles and in their future careers.

The challenge was to equip RPV graduates with the knowledge to understand and confidently leverage the innovation and design thinking frameworks in their workplace.

“This has been one of our most interesting and challenging projects, especially in the face of COVID19. We are delighted to provide Shirohato with an actionable entry strategy into the Australian market at such an important time.” 

– Dr Jeffrey Tobias, Managing Director, The Strategy Grou



Our approach focused on demonstrating a direct link between the concepts and theories taught and the practical application of them in a workplace setting. These sessions were also important for these participants to build their network and gain important work connections.

The Strategy Group developed a series of hands-on workshops with several activities, frameworks and examples to build capability and the skillsets of graduates. The online workshops were facilitated using Miro, an online collaborative workspace where graduates were able to co-create innovative ideas and solve problems together working in teams.

The goal was to leave the graduates feeling inspired and energised, with the knowledge and understanding that there are many dynamic ways of solving problems through innovation to navigate uncertainty in the workplace.


Across a series of three online bootcamps, RPV Graduates were equipped with a comprehensive set of practical design thinking skills and tools by working collaboratively on real-life examples and applying the skills learnt to work-related problems.  Such skills and tools included:

•Understanding a Design Thinking methodology
•Empathising with customers and stakeholders
•Defining and framing a problem
•Ideating on their concepts through experimentation and prototyping
•Adopting the use of a new collaboration tool, Miro
•How to create a pitch deck and deliver an impactful presentation

Through these outcomes, RPV graduates were upskilled in innovation and  design thinking, and understand the approaches needed to solve everyday problems, complex issues and opportunities.

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