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Exploring the future of innovation and disruption in wholesale banking


The Corporate Finance division at ANZ wanted to connect their global teams and significantly broaden their mindset, thinking and understanding of prominent macro-trends that will impact what wholesale banking looks like in the short, medium and long-term. ANZ partnered with The Strategy Group to research, develop and implement an engaging and interactive thought-leadership. This program focused on the macro-trends influencing the global wholesale banking division and the changing trends in customer needs so that the Corporate Finance team could expand its perspective and prepare for the possibilities of an opportunistic future.

The challenge was to equip RPV graduates with the knowledge to understand and confidently leverage the innovation and design thinking frameworks in their workplace.

“We always enjoy working with The Strategy Group team, they challenge our thinking and are well researched to ground their views.”

– Trevor O’Leary, Head of Agency, ANZ Institutional



Merging inside-out and outside-in perspectives through a human-centred design approach

The Strategy Group undertook extensive market research to uncover global macro-trends affecting banks, nonbanks and fintech in the current banking landscape. In addition, The Strategy Group explored emerging market forces in areas like technology and sustainability to understand possibilities and potential threats to existing business models.

In parallel, empathetic one-on-one interviews were conducted with a range of ANZ’s Corporate Finance executives to understand their inside-out views on the current wholesale banking landscape and prominent trends affecting their world. Through this approach, The Strategy Group was able to identify and highlight macro-trends presenting opportunities that were not considered in ANZ’s Corporate Finance strategy.


A thought leadership program that challenged thinking, connected teams and shifted the mindset toward the future

The Strategy Group used data and evidence from market research and qualitative research to develop a comprehensive thought leadership program targeted toward ANZ’s Corporate Finance teams. The outcome was an informative, insightful and interactive session that challenges the thinking of different teams and broadened their understanding of disruptive market forces, macro-trends, changing customer expectations and their impact on the industry over the next few years and beyond

Craft and implementing clear, effective and forward-looking business strategies

Design solutions that shatter assumptions, delight customers, and define growth possibilities sustainably

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