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Enabling innovation for growth (Webinar)

Enabling Innovation for Growth

Learn from founder and Managing Director of The Strategy Group, Dr. Jeffrey Tobias and special guest speaker, CIO of Bolton Clarke, Johny Agotnes as they discuss the value of embedding innovation in an organisation as a catalyst for growth.


The 45 minute online webinar answers the big innovation questions of our time and explores how Johny and Bolton Clarke are leading the way in their industry. Several points discussed are applicable and valuable for any organisation. This online webinar and Q&A took place in October 2021.

In the video, Dr. Jeffrey Tobais and Johny Agotnes discuss the following:

  • Why bother with innovation, especially during COVID?
  • What does innovation mean to Bolton Clarke?
  • What prompted the establishment of an Innovation Hub?
  • What persuaded the CEO and the Board to buy into and fund the concept?
  • What has the journey looked like from concept to present state?
  • What are the next steps?
  • What are the expectations of ROI from innovation for the organisation?

And many more questions were answered from the audience throughout the conversation.


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We at The Strategy Group have a wealth of experience working with organisations to create and deliver customer-centric strategies that are tailored to their customers’ needs.

We act as an independent party to interview customers, pulling out key insights and bringing those to life through visual journey maps. Working across the relevant teams we can re-imagine what that new and improved customer journey could look like through immersive and interactive workshops, keeping a sharp focus on the customer at all times.

Finally, we pride ourselves on ensuring our work makes a lasting difference by receiving buy-in and embedding customer-centricity, giving our clients the internal recognition as the true drivers of growth within their organisation.

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