Lean Analytics – How Well Are You Going Now?

Analytics. Conjures up different images for different people. On the one hand, people hate analytics. They are a cost centre. They are tedious. They are the numbers that tell us how badly we are doing. On the other, people love them. They drive the business. They demonstrate shareholder value.

Analytics today are a big deal. Well, big data is. Same thing in many ways. And most smart organisations are grappling with how to measure, how to use data, and the value that analytics gives the organisation.

Enter Lean Analytics. What is it? Well, work your way through the excellent presentation given at the Lean Startup Conference last December. This deck is jam packed with valuable information - ignore at your peril!

Of special interest to me are slides 349-354. These clearly present the model of the most popular startup business models around. For example, the double-sided software-as-a-service marketplace can be represented as follows:


Enjoy the slides

[slideshare id=42630521&doc=alistaircroll8th-141212005658-conversion-gate01]

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