Innovation Insights

Four Key Takeaways from the 2017 Lean Startup Innovation Conference

What’s changing in leading edge innovation thinking? For the fourth year running we attended the Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco, hosted by Eric Ries, the founder […]Read More

The future of work for policymakers

By Michelle Tabart, Senior Associate at The Strategy Group The “consumer-centric” trend that currently pervades the business world has quietly made its way to the halls […]Read More

How NBN has failed the customer – our advice to the CEO

In an interview last week on ABC Radio National, NBN’s CEO, Bill Morrow, implied that the NBN’s 25% customer dissatisfaction score was acceptable. In an age where […]Read More

What corporate innovators think Australian leadership needs

By Anna Chatburn Every other month we meet with an invite-only group of executive level corporate and government innovators in a forum that has become known […]Read More

Project Hive: Redesigning Policy Development in NSW government

THE CHALLENGE Developing a whole of government policy framework for the beekeeping industry This cross-departmental project between the NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Office […]Read More

Lego’s Woes: Can The Lego Experience Carry it Through?

Lego has just suffered its worst financial performance in more than a decade, forcing the Danish toymaker to declare it would overhaul its entire organisation and […]Read More

6 Steps to Great Customer Experience

What is the secret sauce of Jeff Bezos, the powerhouse behind Amazon? Three words; the customer experience. Bezos has a “relentless focus on the customer” – […]Read More

Stakeholder Centricity At Breast Cancer Network Australia

Not-for-profit organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of stakeholder-centricity. As individuals’ access to personalised services becomes a societal norm, much stronger responses are being achieved from […]Read More

Embedding Innovation At Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Innovation is often stimulated by a burning platform – a key driver that triggers change. For Cerebral Palsy Alliance, this was the advent of the National […]Read More

5 Corporate Innovation Quick Wins

By Anna Chatburn, Marketing Director at The Strategy Group What are the low hanging fruits of corporate innovation? If you want to spark innovation in your organisation […]Read More
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