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Strategy Refresh for Swinburne University of Technology


Swinburne (SUT) is recognised as one of the world’s top universities by being ranked number 45 in 2019. It extended its campus footprint and has a presence in Sydney (Parramatta) that offers master courses for international students wishing to pursue career advancements in IT and Construction. However, this offering is a very crowded and competitive marketplace.​

​The SUT partnered with The Strategy Group to create growth opportunities and facilitate an offsite Strategy Refresh session.

“This has been one of our most interesting and challenging projects, especially in the face of COVID19. We are delighted to provide Shirohato with an actionable entry strategy into the Australian market at such an important time.” 

– Dr Jeffrey Tobias, Managing Director, The Strategy Group

Bringing new thinking and ideas to refresh the strategic focus

Swinburne has an international reputation for quality research that connects science and technology with business and the community.The goal was to bring all 6 stakeholders together which included their new strategic partner ECA (who provides campus facilities, space and access to international networks) to explore new opportunities, challenge and differentiate itself from other offerings in order for Swinburne to maximise student outcomes and deliver next generation course offerings.

The desire was to bring new thinking and ideas to refresh their Strategic plan while staying focussed on the Swinburne vision. 


Supporting company growth through impactful and practical strategic initiatives

Swinburne and ECA identified the key areas to support the company’s growth. Key decisions were made during the strategy session: -​

  • Current position, where we are?​
  • New Courses – What does the future look like for course offering?​
  •  What are the next generation student outcomes? ​
  • Seek new industry partners​
  • Road map to grow an overseas career pathways network.​
  • What’s missing and what are the opportunities moving forward? ​
  • Three Horizon Map​
  • Strategy on a page
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