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60 Seconds With Dan Brand – Director at SpoonFeedMe

1. What is SpoonFeedMe and what is your role?

SpoonFeedMe helps students with their university studies. SpoonFeedMe provides concise video lectures by top students, specific to university subjects. My role as Director is to manage everything, from accounts to production to marketing.

2. How is SpoonFeedMe disrupting the education industry? 

SpoonFeedMe is disrupting traditional tertiary educational institutions by utilising peer-to-peer education. Currently students are restricted in learning in physical locations (lecture theatres), in hour long blocks by academics. SpoonFeedMe provides students with a far more effective supplement to this archaic educational process. It is online, in concise blocks and taught by students who are on the same wavelength.

3. What has been some of the students feedback to SpoonFeedMe’s services?

Student’s have found SpoonFeedMe extremely useful, below is some feedback: It’s a great source of concise information and much more efficient than watching lectures as its everything you need to know; no more no less. Also the format is really great in how its broken up into smaller, more specific and more approachable chunks as opposed to trying to watch a 1 hour lecture recording or something of the sort. The format also makes it much easier to study throughout the semester for quizzes as you can easily pick out what you need to go over and what you don’t.   

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