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Aged Care

Aged Care

Deploy a customer-centric aged care program

Are you prepared for the Aged Care Royal Commission and beyond?
From our experience working with the banking community during the Banking Royal Commission, demonstrating proactivity through a customer-centric program was critical.
We turn customer feedback into insight; and insight into opportunities and solutions. And by applying our proprietary Customer-Centric Diagnostics to the Aged Care sector, we help providers to not only strengthen the quality of care but deliver positive, commercial outcomes for the long haul.
The two ways in which we can help transform Aged Care is as follows.


An integrated approach to design and deliver outstanding care.
Changing Needs and feedback

1. Build a customer strategy

When dealing with customer feedback, it is important to distinguish the signal from the noise and find the connections, not the dots.
A Customer Strategy gives you a roadmap to better:

  • Respond to the customer’s growing demand for choice, control and independence
  • Deliver excellent, personalised and differentiated care that is sustained into the future
  • Engage with families and carers on care related matters
  • Build a patient-centric workforce with the right mindset and skillset

A robust Customer Strategy is underpinned by deep customer insights from engaging with the right mix of internal and external stakeholders. It is important to begin ‘outside-in’ by listening to patients and families. It is equally important to integrate an ‘inside-out’ perspective to leverage any existing brilliance within the organisation.
The Diagnostic is proprietary of The Strategy Group. It provides an assessment of how connected Aged Care Providers are to their customers, and whether they leverage customer insights to drive tangible and positive outcomes.

2.Re-define business and services

As our perception of ‘aging’ changes, it is crucial to be ambidextrous to exploit today’s opportunities with a view on exploring tomorrow’s horizons. New frontiers are emerging as healthcare, nutrition and technology and other industries converge to redefine ‘age’ and ‘care’. Growing old does not necessarily mean the loss of adventure, lifestyle and even vitality.

  • Exploit your current organisation model to deliver complex care requirements, sustainably.
  • Effectively leverage technology, deploy your workforce and reshape capital infrastructure that is relevant and meaningful to customers.
  • Transform the future of your organisation today to deliver increased trust and value that exceeds both the patient and family’s expectations.
  • Innovate to provide new models of care and quality services that are accessible and affordable.
  • Explore new frontiers of care to create and capture new value that meets the changing consumer needs and demographic shifts.

Aged Care Events

Join us at our events! We host a number of are industry-specific gatherings throughout the year to help senior leaders in Aged Care proactively shape their strategy to align better with customer shifts.

Why The Strategy Group should be your strategy partner

We will work with you to design and support implementation of a strategy for your business unit, for your entire organisation, or for any segment of your organisation where a fresh approach will add value.
We will use a combination of globally-recognised leading-edge processes, coupled with our proprietary validated toolbox to develop a bespoke, customised strategy, which we can assist you in implementing, that will deliver tangible impact and value to your organisation, employees and customers.
We have been designing and implementing strategy solutions since 2003 and we have the expertise and the experience not only to deliver, but to overdeliver.

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