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Designing an Innovation Framework for aged care


Bolton Clarke is a not-for-profit provider of independent living services through at-home care, retirement living and residential aged care. They have invested in building an in-house capability providing digital services to their clients. The challenge was to design and operationalise an Innovation Hub Framework for Bolton Clarke that supports their vision of “helping our clients lead a life of fulfilment” through technology.

“Bolton Clarke are heading on a journey of discovery and mindset shift.  Moving away from traditional approaches to new ways of thinking and doing.  This cultural shift is not easy, and The Strategy Group is supporting us with training and tools to embed this cultural change in our 10,000+ employees.

Having worked with numerous consulting organisations in the past and being bitterly disappointed with the outcomes, I can say that I have had the absolute opposite experience with The Strategy Group.  I have no hesitation in putting them in front of stakeholders, including clients as I have the utmost confidence that they will represent Bolton Clarke in a manner reflective of our culture and values.”

– Johnny Agotnes, CIO, Bolton Clarke


The Strategy Group used an insight-led approach to understand key stakeholder/customer needs and co-design a relevant Innovation Hub Framework, together with a governance model and implementation roadmap.

Human-centred design methodologies were utilised to support the key stages in the Innovation Hub Framework, taking into account customers, stakeholders, their mindset, their careabouts and the need for an effect but light-touch framework.


The deliverables of the project included the creation of the following:

  • Innovation Hub Framework: Five key stages were designed that defines the processes from innovation to commercialisation that will support Bolton Clarke in identifying worthwhile initiatives. Underpinning the entire framework are both operational and impact metrics.
  • Governance Model: Two governance bodies, a new Innovation Hub committee together with the existing Board, will provide oversight of the Innovation Hub and will ensure decisions are made to allow innovation to prosper at Bolton Clarke.
  • Implementation Roadmap: Outlines the steps, procedural content and timeframes that are required to successfully implement and operationalise the Innovation Hub Framework
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