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Why Customer Strategy in Aged Care is More Important Now Than Ever Before

With the arrival of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, there is a real need for Aged Care providers to reinvent, refresh and strategically to develop an overarching Customer Strategy.

We know that customer-centricity is a strategic focus for many Aged Care Providers today. To genuinely achieve this outcome, we believe that you need a Customer Strategy – one that seamlessly integrates the ideal ‘customer experience’ for the residents and their families together with the ‘customer service’ delivered by the front-line staff.

Being customer-centric is not only about customer satisfaction surveys, accreditation ratings and gathering masses of quantitative feedback from customers. When dealing with customer feedback, it is important to separate the signals from the noise and find the connections, not the dots. Once you identify the signals and begin to see the connections, you can develop strategies that exceed customer expectations whilst creating an environment that builds trust and cultivates these personal relationships.

An effective Customer Strategy will help Aged Care providers confidently respond to the growing demand for choice, control and independence of residents together with the shifting demands and requirements of families. A Customer Strategy acts as a roadmap for Aged Care providers to deliver excellent, personalised and differentiated care through deep engagement with residents, their families, and even carers on care‑related matters.

A well-executed customer strategy is an important part of developing brand loyalty. The way you respond to unhappy customers will also determine what they think and say about you into the future. Statistics show that a totally satisfied customer contributes 2.6 times as much revenue as a somewhat satisfied customer and 14 times as much revenue as a somewhat dissatisfied customer.

We feel that the time has now come to move beyond pure data and leverage design-led methods to deliver meaningful and delightful customer experiences. A Design-led Customer Strategy collects qualitative data which enables the discovery of deep underlying needs, frustrations and motivations of the resident, their families and even the concerned staff. This uncovers insights that point to opportunities to develop solutions that are tailored to the customer and aligned to the organisation’s strategy.

Having a holistic Customer Strategy will help Aged Care providers navigate the complexities of the shifting customer needs. We find this increasingly important especially as the ‘voice of the resident and family’ continues to get louder and with a zero tolerance for neglect and inadequate care.

Aged Care Customer-Centric Diagnostic

To help Aged Care providers develop a Customer Strategy that accelerates their transition into a customer-centric model, The Strategy group is deploying our proprietary Customer-Centric Diagnostic™. The Diagnostic helps Aged Care providers assess how connected they are to residents and leverage their understanding of the resident to drive positive outcomes.

If you are in management or a board member associated with Aged Care, we would love for you to contribute your valuable perspective to shape the results of the diagnostic.

Take the Diagnostic Here!

Find out more about The Strategy Group’s unique aged care offerings here.

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