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Pivot Your Business – Get cracking on using your Creative Thinking

Today, everything has just shifted.  Our routines are disrupted. Many have being laid-off. People are isolated or bored, and some are trying to figure out how to work from home and manage the kids at the same time. Many of you no longer have viable businesses.  


What we need to do right now is to understand your customers and develop relevant value propositions. For some, this means pivoting your business and using your creative thinking. 

Rather than drowning in left brain analytical thinking, we need more ingenious ways to reveal compelling customer insights by tapping into our right brain, creative thinking. Unleashing different consumer insights can provide unique perspectives and result in more imaginative solutions. Ideas that can help re-define your business modeland pivot your business.It’s not that analytical thinking isn’t important. We do need left brain logical thinking, but in order to fuel perspectives to pivot a business, we need to tap into our right brain creative thinking and create unique solutions. We need to inject creativity to provide a catalyst to think more broadly and generate different ideas. Creating a new product or service to pivot a business and meet customer needs can be challenging. It requires the innovator to be bold and creative yet pragmatic at the same time 


How do we break out of our rational thinking and switched on our ‘creative’ brain? I use The Creative Detour, an imagination model that unshackles the current framework and uses different dynamics and processes to fuel unique ideas that can pivot your business. The technique crosses different cultures, different languages and indeed uses all aspects of imagination to produce unique perspectives. These techniques used in innovation workshops assist us to unbuckle structure and allow more time to foster and explore imagination. 


The Creative Detour used during innovation workshops effectively fuels and steers the energy in a more creative yet productive fashion. It’s about fully understanding and utilising divergence and requires the understanding of a lot of creativity techniques – not just standard techniques. It involves the process of drilling down and tapping into one’s creative state. Your imagination explodes and free-flowing ideas bubble and burst to the surface. It’s not a standard innovation workshop.

These new ideas can be used to create new value propositions, or pivot your business to match your customer’s shifting needs. This will help you remain relevant to your customers in this new world.


Innovation requires us to use our whole brain in a synchronised manner – left-brain to crack the problem and right-brain to provide creative solutions. If you have complex issues in your business or require innovative solutions to generate growth opportunities, look to adopt a creative innovation mindset. 

For further information about re-defining your business model, how to pivot your business or developing creative ideas, contact: 

Yvonne Brennan


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