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Transitioning to the Digital Enterprise
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Digital Transformation Strategy, Digital Transformation Strategy

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I recently had the good fortune to chair a panel for the Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of New South Wales on Leading the Digital Enterprise and Digital Transformation Strategy. We had 300 people with a waiting list of 50! Totally sold out. This event allowed me to gain incredible insight into the breadth of digital change and resulting change in business’s digital strategies which I’m now able to share with you

Digital Transformation has becom a buzzword in Australia. CEOs are recruiting Digital Transformation Officers with IT backgrounds to move manual processes online as if that was all that was required. While providing some value, this will not lead to transformation. In order to achieve true digital transformation, it is essential is to review the current business model, envisage the model required in 10 years’ time, and engage the technology that will enable the transformation. If this is done properly, the digital world can be leveraged to create immense growth in revenue, productivity and business agility. Watch this video to learn about the immense shift in the way we do business, especially with digital enterprise, why this requires a digital transformation strategy and how this sort of strategy can be executed and leveraged for growth.

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