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Why Social Media Makes You Lonely
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, Why Social Media Makes You Lonely

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Everyone wants to know how to manage the digital economy. It’s here to stay, we say. The Internet has disrupted the way we work, learn and play. The Internet of Things is on the way.

Are we happier? Are we less lonely? Look at people next time you are on a train – staring at their phones, making sure people know that they actually have Facebook friends or messages to read. That person over there not staring at his phone – they must be really lonely. Poor them.

And yes, we live in a connected world. And yes, it’s not going away. But what are the consequences for our social lives. For our families. For our self esteem. For our happiness.

Here are two videos that you should watch. And think about. And share with your families.

But then what do we do? Go back to our phones/iPads, computers – soon to be glasses and watches?

You decide. Are these issues problems, or just issues of change management?

Are we more lonely now than ever before?

Think about it.

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