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Delivering a Customer Centric Approach to Regional Strategy with Adobe


Driving Customer Centric Innovation and Strategy at Adobe

Adobe Asia Pacific is committed to creating leading edge digital creative and marketing products that inspire their enterprise customers. Adobe also have a strong focus on ensuring their customers have an equally inspired customer experience of Adobe’s services. The Strategy Group and Adobe joined forces to undertake a transformational program of work that started with helping Adobe to see the world through their customers’ eyes. Seeing the world through the eyes of the customers enabled Adobe to identify the most compelling areas for change and growth that are meaningful for customers and strategic for Adobe.

“Working with The Strategy Group helped us step outside our own biases and stand in the shoes of our customers. When you take the time to bring the customers’ lens into the core of the business you can make strategic and even transformational changes, secure in the knowledge that you’re going to delight the customer.”

Darren Scott, MD Adobe Global Services Asia Pacific


Using customer empathy to inform strategy

We worked with Adobe across the Asia Pacific Region to dive deep into the world of the customer experience, launching an international customer centric service design and experimentation project. We traveled to Hong Kong, Singapore, Shenzhen and Shanghai and conducted empathetic interviews with samples of Adobe’s top enterprise customers in the region.

“The combined commitment to innovation and customer centricity demonstrated by Adobe and The Strategy Group is a powerful combination! A privilege to work with such an energised, agile and capable team with a strong vision for the future.”

-Jemma Parsons, Head of Innovation & Strategy, Adobe


Ensuring customer needs are continually addressed

Working with Darren Scott, Managing Director for Adobe Global Services Asia Pacific and the Customer Insights team we used a design-thinking style approach to analyze the customer pains, gains and jobs to be done to ensure Adobe’s customer strategy evolves in line with true customer needs.

The insights from the interviews were distilled, analysed and workshopped with internal stakeholders to apply a customer centric lens to the evolving forward-looking regional strategy.

The project was the first in an ongoing engagement designed to embed a deep customer centric focus into Adobe’s strategy and customer engagement model.

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