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Defining Blacktown City Council’s Unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Defining Blacktown Council’s Unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP)


Blacktown City is the largest Council in NSW, with a high-growth trajectory positioning it to remain at the top spot in the future. To exceptionally serve its community, Blacktown City Council requires a future-fit, talented, diverse workforce that can be agile in the face of the changing demands of a rapidly growing city.

Council engaged The Strategy Group to identify its unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and develop an actionable EVP framework to recognise key needs and ultimately optimise employee satisfaction and retention.

What is an Employee Value Proposition?

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a statement of the way in which an organisation creates value for their existing and future employees. The EVP includes all facets of the value an organisation provides to its employees, including both tangible elements such as remuneration and career development, and intangible elements such as culture and engagement with work.

By declaring what value the organisation will provide to its employees, and how it will do so, the EVP both sets employee expectations and provides management with a clear and accountable action plan to create a positive employee experience in their organisation. A strong and effective EVP will drive clear employee expectations and concrete actions to fulfill those expectations.

An Employee Value Proposition is a key part of an organisation’s overall employee experience strategy, which aims to retain, nurture and attract top talent.


The Strategy Group developed the EVP framework and subsequent opportunities through extensive research and co-design workshops. The research methods included leadership workshop, thorough document reviews, desktop research and executive interviews. After developing the EVP framework from the research findings, we validated it in a series of collaborative co-design workshops with employees. Key opportunities were also identified for each employee persona to address their specific needs and aspirations.

The EVP framework and opportunities were formed for and with Blacktown City Council employees by putting them at the centre of our design process.


The EVP framework defines and sets the expectations for the unique working experience provided by the Council, consisting of six key elements of value. The framework will shape the values, culture and environment Blacktown City Council must deliver to be in line with employees’ needs and expectations.

From the research and development of the EVP framework, The Strategy Group identified key short-term and long-term opportunities for each element of the framework linked to four distinct personas of employees identified within the Council.

Blacktown City Council now has a robust EVP framework and a clearly-defined path ahead with the opportunities to be able to attract and retain the best talent and become the best council to work for in Australia.

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