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Unearthing Innovative Business Opportunities for a Leading Medical Organisation


Our client is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies offering innovative products and services across many healthcare disciplines help improve patient and hospital outcomes.

The Strategy Group partnered with the client to help them uncover new market opportunities for growth within the Australian market using a Human-centred design approach. They were keen to identify solutions that can benefit the surgeons, patients, caregivers and the entire healthcare community as a whole.




The purpose of this customer research was to understand both the clinical and non-clinical outcomes of surgery.

The Strategy Group took on a human-centred design approach to uncover the key drivers and barriers for surgeons, patients, General Practitioners (GPs) and Physiotherapists in order to uncover new business opportunities. In-situ observations and one-on-one immersions were conducted with a diverse range of health care professionals together with patients to understand surgery procedures. These were conducted in various private medical practices and clinics to understand the surgical journey from pre, intra and post operatively.

Using the insights uncovered from the customer research, we engaged in a Creative Problem-Solving approach to identify the right opportunity area that would help grow market penetration. Through a collaborative creative ideation process, we generated numerous ideas. The ideas were prioritised and consolidated into concepts and new business models. These solutions  will potentially provide unique offerings that will add value for medical specialists and deliver better patient outcomes.

This project centred firmly around the customer’s perspective (all perspectives) and generated revealed opportunities that will collectively lead to positive outcomes and benefits for surgeons and patients.

“We acknowledge that it was not an easy task on various levels, from recruiting the right respondents for interviews, surgical observations to covering various cities and still managing the timelines. I would like to say that you all should be proud that you are such a “Talented Team” and that the experience truly reflect in your work.” 

– Client





The outcome for our client included:

1. Several significant surgeon, patient, Physiotherapist and General Practitioner insights that highlighted and outlined areas of significant importance. These drivers and barriers provided insight into their needs, pains, goals, motivations, and system challenges.

2. Six opportunities were revealed ranging from surgeon to patient initiatives in the form of new technology offerings and business models. This will help our client grow and leverage their technology, improve their overall offering and identify new market opportunities within the Australian market.

Our client has a deep understanding of the needs and pains of their customers and the opportunity is to capture and monetise market growth to the benefit of the patients, surgeons, the entire healthcare community as well as its shareholders.

Design solutions that shatter assumptions, delight customers, and define growth possibilities sustainably

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